The New York Friars Club – Annual Sunshine Comedy Night was a huge hit, successfully raising tens of thousands of dollars benefiting sick children and the elderly on Sept. 21st. The Sunshine Committee is one of the charitable arms of the Friars Club sending performers across the globe, to provide free entertainment to hospital ridden patients. This year’s show was a special treat because, it also doubled as a welcoming back party for comedian Jeff Pirrami who had a brief absence from the club.12006458_10153733646542164_3192399601092574564_o

Taking place in front of a sold-out, located in the Friars monasteries legendary Frank Sinatra dining room, this all-star cast of comedians, including Stewie Stone, Dave Konig, Mike Fine, Jeff Pirrami, Kerri Louise, Tom Cotter, Joey Callahan, John Pizzi, did not hold back from unloading a barrage of hard hitting and side splitting humor. With nothing off limits, all the comedians managed to take the opportunity to do what they do best. One of the many high points of the evening, came when comedian Mike Fine, brought the house down when he sarcastically quipped “How is it that ISIS is able to attract new members, but The Friars can’t?! It’s sad when ISIS could get people to travel from 14 countries away to join, but the Friars can’t even attract potential members from Long Island!”.Stephen-Sorokoff-1641-800x676

The Friars Club, which is show business’s most historic fraternal club, goes back over a century, as well as home to many of show business’s past and current biggest stars, such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Lucille Ball, Milton Berle, George E. Jessel, Jerry Lewis, Don Rickels, Robert Deniro, Billy Crystal, Tom Cruise, along with countless others,  is a place located in the heart of Manhattan where members could come and unwind. To learn more about the Friars Club, click on link.

Thanks to Steven Sorokoff of Time Square Chronichles for taking and publishing photos.

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